Zamboni Zappa Mountain Hut: your holidays in Italy in the Pennine Alps!

Il Rifugio Zamboni-Zappa - Foto di Gianni MeazzaIl Rifugio Zamboni-Zappa - Foto di Gianni MeazzaIl Rifugio Zamboni-Zappa - Foto di Gianni MeazzaIl Rifugio Zamboni-Zappa - Foto di Gianni MeazzaMeeting the alpine goats - Foto di Gianni MeazzaMeeting the alpine goats - Foto di Gianni MeazzaMarchio Ospitalità Italiana

The Zamboni Zappa Mountain Hut is a property of the C.A.I. (Club Alpine Italian) section SEM of Milan and it is located at 2070 m in the picturesque valley of the Alpe Pedriola meadows, at the foot of the eastern face of Monte Rosa (4635m) in the Walser community of Macugnaga.

Climbing, Trekking, Hike

Opened during the summer, the Zamboni-Zappa hut, offers to CAI, climbing schools and other associations, as a place of support for their activities. The starting point for real mountaineering feats, or for easy excursions, the hut is also often placed as a stage for trekking paths.

The Hut provides a full reception service, nice bar and restaurant with panoramic terrace overlooking the peaks of Monte Rosawhere you can try local food and traditional specialties.

Accommodation is in small rooms with a sink, while sheared facilities and warm shower are available on rooms floor. It’s possible to book half board or full board pension.

The big meadow all around the hut is particularly suitable for children to play. From the hut, with a 30 minutes walk, you can reach an iced mountain lake (Lago delle Locce) and with a little luck and patience you can see marmots, chamois and other animals free in their natural environment.

The meadows of Alpe Pedriola are crossed by a meandering creek and ramparts from moraines of the glacier. The presence of huge boulders is a sign of development reached by glaciers in the Quaternary. The rocks are well suited to the activity of bouldering (rock climbing).

With another short walk, you can reach the Nordern glacier: while all the other glaciers in Europe seems to be constantly retreating, Nordern glacier continue moving and growing up towards the valley.

Photo Gallery

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How to reach us

The Zamboni-Zappa Mountain Hut can be reached from Milan on the A4 Milano-Laghi, continue on the A26 Voltri-Sempione Gravellona Toce, continue road towards Sempione Domodossola; Piedimulera exit, take the Anzasca Macugnaga (about 30km) until the end of the road.

At Macugnaga-Pecetto leave the car in the spacious parking, a comfortable chairlift will take you to about 1900 meters. From there, easily crossing the glacier, in just three quarters of an hour of walking on a trail well-marked and beaten on a slight slope, you will come to the Zamboni-Zappa Mountain Hut.

Ospitalità Italiana Seal 2012!

With a touch of pride, our Zamboni Zappa shelter received the mark of Ospitalità Italiana 2012, the quality certification of mountain huts promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Ossola and Verbano Cusio by the Piedmont Region.

The mark Ospitalità Italiana , is a guarantee of service quality that aims to qualify the shelter requirements with respect to service, quality and structure, and represents a guarantee for both operators and tourists in terms of visibility, image clarity, quality, ease of choice, shared system of values between those who offer and the buyer.

The assignment of the mark has been validated by a special commission who has verified the compliance of the shelter facilities to the requirements set at a national level.
Piedmont is the first Italian region to provide mountain shelters the mark of Ospitalità Italiana, which certifies its attention from the environmental point of view, but also promote the area and the spreading of mountain cultures.


Summer opening

The Zamboni-Zappa Hut opens around the beginning of June (depending on weather conditions).

Winter closure

Winter closure is scheduled for the end of September (depending on weather conditions).

Reservations and information

For reservations and information please contact us via phone at the numbers below.

Hut phone

(0039) 0324/65313


+ 39 340/7977167


EXTRA info & Link

An opportunity to try bouldering!

Booking is required. The rental fee is 5 € per day.

Crash Pad booking
Phone 0324 65313
Mobile +39 340 7977167


Although the Guide is in Italian, the enclosed maps are quite understandable even to those unfamiliar with Italian language.

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